Draft Schedule – Congruence & Contestation: Contemporary Feminism and Performance


Roehampton University, September 4th 2015


Keynote Presentations:
• Geraldine Harris “Returning or Moving Forward? Feminist Theatre, Performance and the ‘Fourth Wave’.”
• Lynette (Leni) Goddard “Angry Black Women on the Mainstream: Staging Social Issues”

‘Contested Bodies’ – Parallel Session 1:
• Phoebe Patey-Ferguson “‘I am the real Mimosa’: an exercise in queer world-making”
• Mark Hamilton “In Prakriti: Feminocentric Form”
• Terry Bright Kweku Ofosu “The Ghanaian Feminism: The Politics and Exigencies of Female Power within the Popular Dance Fraternity in Ghana”

‘Feminist Pasts and Feminist Futures’: Parallel Session 2:
• Eleanor Roberts “’Other Crusaders’: Feminism and Performance in the 1970s”
• Rebecca Benzie “In Conversation with Contemporary Feminist Discourse: Jessica Swale’s representation of historical feminism in Blue Stockings”
• Annalaura Alifuoco “All In-Human Flesh, and Blood – A Performeable Future”

Lunch, Including:
Performance 1 – Emily Orley & Katja Hilevaara Maintain, manu tenere: hold in the hand
Performance 2 – Cut Piece, Annalaura Alifuoco

‘Material Lives’: Parallel Session 3:
• Jenny Lawson “Food Legacies: Navigating Ironic Femininities in Culinary and Domestic Performances”;
• Lena Simic “Placing the Maternal within Feminist Performance (and beyond Bobby Baker)”
• Grace Surman – Film Screening

‘Speech Acts & Linguistic Form’ – Parallel Session 4:
• Roberta Mock – “Feminist Motherfucker or Motherfucking Feminist? Discuss”
• Jessica Worden – “From the Margins, From These Lungs: creating performance at the interstices of disciplines as a form of resistance”
• Fiona MacPherson “The Awkward Squad: Is there a place for the feminist play in contemporary mainstream popular theatre?”
• Nina-Marie Gardner “Narcissistic Narratives as Performance/Performing modernist women’s feminist metafiction”

Responses & Emerging Themes from the Day – Sarah Gorman

Wine reception
Booking is via the Roehampton University e-store – link here:

The symposium fee will be £65 (waged) and £25 (student fee)

Symposium organizer: Sarah Gorman, Reader in Drama, Theatre & Performance Roehampton University. Email: s.gorman@roehampton.ac.uk


About readingasawoman

I am currently a Reader in Drama, Theatre & Performance at Roehampton University, London. I am in the process of editing a special edition of Contemporary Theatre Review on Contemporary Feminist Theatre & Performance (with Gerry Harris and Jen Harvie) and working on a new book, provisionally titled, Resisting Failure: Women and Contemporary Performance for Routledge. This blog serves as a location for recent research papers and interviews with key female practitioners conducted as part of my 'Performance Dialogues' project.
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